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Armanini, the wholesomeness of Garda Trentino in fresh trout and Arctic chars

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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For over than sixty years, the name Armanini has meant quality, respect for the raw material and pleasure for producing fresh, marinated and smoked trout and Arctic chars.

In the green area of Linfano, between Arco and Torbole sul Garda, a company has worked to produce freshness, respect for the raw material and top-quality final product for over sixty years. They are Armanini.

Do you love the lake fish? If yes, you cannot wait for purchasing trout, Arctic chars and some derivatives of theirs from the producer.

Trout-breeding made in Garda Trentino

The Troticoltura Armanini lies at Garda Trentino, in Arco. When we got there, the surroundings immediately amazed us. Monte Brione is right in front of us and the cycle lane runs aside. We met Francesco Armanini, our guide during a short visit in the trout-breeding company.

We discovered that the water comes from a pure and crystal-clear source at high altitudes [foto] and that they feed the fish in compliance with strict standards – no additives used – to fully respect the ordinary life cycle of these prestigious fish species.

The Armaninis have a 50-year experience of quality. They have always respected the natural breeding methods to let the most famous chefs do the best with their products. The trout speck, the most precious part of the rainbow trout, smoked with organic medicinal herbs; the Arctic char eggs, delicate and priceless, perfect for a chic starter; the Arctic char and lavaret bottarga, a tasty seasoning in a risotto or on steamed potatoes.

A visit to their company in Arco – they have other offices in Deva, next to Lake Tenno, in Valle di Ledro and in Storo – will let you understand the importance of having fresh, controlled and certified products on our tables… purchased from the producer!

We ate the smoked trout with a buttery crouton. The Armanini family smoke the fish only using the aromatic wood of Trentino. No chemical processes.

They store the fillets in vacuum packs, without using preservatives, additives nor colorants.

Francesco explained us they undergo the trout and Arctic chars to two different smoking techniques. The cold smoking gives the fish a light taste of smoke; the hot smoking gives the fish a stronger taste of smoke – they cook the Arctic chars at about 70°C (only this kind of fish is perfect for the hot smoking process) and they add a trickle of extra virgin oil of Garda. Nothing more.

What about a trout and citrus salad? Here’s the recipe:

1 trout
1 orange
1 pink grapefruit

Salted capers
Extra virgin oil of Garda Trentino.

Clean the trout and dice the fillets, 5 mm each side.

Cut the orange and the grapefruit – they must be of the same size. Rinse and squeeze the capers.

Mix, add salt, pepper, basil and a trickle of extra virgin oil of Lake Garda Trentino.

Buy a typical product of Alto Garda from the producer like a lake fish and enjoy its freshness. Every tourist, every visitor, every Lake Garda enthusiast should deserve such an experience of taste!

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