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Autumn hiking at Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Autumn is a breath-taking season, perfect to practise hiking and other outdoor sports in such a sunny place. Even the summer nostalgic ones agree: autumn is great to practise sport, enjoy the woods, nature and the incredible Lake Garda!

Nature shows its best in autumn, with its bright and purplish nuances of yellow, orange and red, before the long winter sleep. Now it is time to devote yourself to the hiking at Garda Trentino.

Hiking at Lake Garda is an awesome all year round, but in autumn it gives the trekkers unique and intense sensations.

In the early mornings and in the evenings the temperatures will be mild: the warm sunrays will caress your skin pleasantly. The colours of nature will become golden and amber. Going hiking in autumn at Garda Trentino is something special. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, you can face even the toughest and/or longest routes without dealing with the hot temperatures.

Autumn is a bountiful season, full of flavours and fruit. In autumn you enjoy the good food even more. Along the routes you can stop at the mountain huts and restaurants and taste energizing and delicious autumn dishes.


A beautiful trek at Garda Trentino? Have you ever tried the Garda Trek crowns?

The Garda Trek project consists in three loops that vary according to the degree of difficulty and your fitness level.

In autumn, we recommend you the low loop, the best one in this season: a full immersion in the “Busa”, the area of Garda Trentino. The GardaTrek Low Loop has a medium degree of difficulty and covers the most important points of reference of Garda Trentino: Riva del Garda, Tenno, Arco, Nago and Torbole sul Garda.

Who’s for?

Undoubtedly for people trained to face a 33.5 km trek, as you need to walk for hours. Along the route, you will find several road signs to help you discover churches and paths, medieval hamlets and olive groves, pristine woods and villages. Here nature, history and beautiful places give life to one of the stunning routes you can experience all year, especially in autumn!

The medium crown

Autumn hiking at Lake Garda Trentino Autumn Outdoor

The GardaTrek Medium Loop consists in 4 stages in Garda Trentino (medium degree of difficulty), where you can enjoy the great diversity of the Mediterranean maquis in the Alps. This loop is demanding: about 73 km with an elevation gain of over 3,000 metres. Anyway, the beaks will be amazing! Before leaving, check is the mountain huts are open just to be sure you can eat and sleep there.

Autumn is perfect to go for Garda Trek medium loop! The foliage is exciting so bring a camera with you to take pictures to the yellow and bright red explosion you will have all around you.

The loop starts in Riva del Garda and goes up towards Tenno up to Rifugio San Pietro, at 1,000 metres asl. This is the end of the first stage. It continues towards Ceniga, where the second stage ends. The third stage leads to Drena, then ends in Bolognano, a hamlet near Arco. The fourth and last stage heads to Nago, then to one of the most panoramic and thrilling paths of Garda Trentino – the Busatte – Tempesta. From Torbole, you will go back to Riva walking along the lakefront cycle lane.

Call the Tourism Board Office to check the condition of the paths before leaving. We suggest you to wear adequately bring the necessary equipment with you and enjoy all the emotions you will feel up there!

Woods, fabulous landscapes, olive groves, vineyards, autumn colours and the blue of the lake that looks even intense as if it would show us all its power before winter.

Yeah, Winter is getting closer, but it is time to live Autumn as much as you can!

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