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Molino Pellegrini, since 1903 a story of artisanal love

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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You know, traditions need love to live. At the mill Molino Pellegrini of Varone in Riva del Garda they put the same love to their products. Corn and buckwheat become great ingredients for great dishes, in this historical corner of Trentino.

When you enter this building, you immediately feel something magical. Anoriginal fragrance envelopes you. In this little mill, we discover you could smell little differences of perfumes of thecorn in its three layers – grain, semi-finished product and cornflour. Just put your nose close to three aluminium tubes and, through some tiny holes, you can smell the different perfumes!

Not magic, but reality.

At Molino Pellegrini it is like being back in time – old noises, perfumes and good flavours. In Varone, Riva del Garda, Alberto welcomes us. He is part of the new generation of this family and heis proudly carrying on their business with his wife Silvia.

Their touching history began in 1932, when the Pellegrinis and the millweaved together. Grandpa Bruno was a miller, than employee and finally owner of Molino Pellegrini. He gave life to one of the fewest mills still in business in Trentino. Then Alberto took the lead. His technical competences, his passion and love for this place are stunning.

The charm of wood. Molino Pellegrini between tradition and innovation

Wood floors, ancient beams, staircases and fragrance of corn everywhere! The mill has four floors all made of wood, in order to absorb the regular vibrations caused by the grinding andsieving machines, Alberto explained. Anyway, these noises remind our grandparents’ everyday life! On the ground floor, there is a table with many varieties of corn on it. I can’t believe my eyes… this corn is blue! Corn has many colours, did you know? And not every cobis good for popcorns! I am even more amazed. Let’s keep visitingthis mill.

Here they produce buckwheat and corn, both gluten-free cereals. A paradisefor people who suffer from celiac disease!

Step by step, the floors of Molino Pellegrini reveal a great discovery. When you comprehend the craftsmanship, you better appreciate the properties and value of a final product.

Polenta & Co: Welcome to Trentino!

The corn is the key ingredient for one of the bedrocks of Trentino –polenta! Molino Pellegrini cornflour lets you cook your favourite kind of polenta – Farina di Mais Bramata Gialla (standard cornflour), whole stone-ground flour, buckwheat, thin cornflour to make delicious gluten-free cookies, instant cornflour if you are in a hurry and eventhe white cornflour! It is plenty of different kinds of cornflour and buckwheat – try it for the cake with currant jam!

On the rooftop, the noise increases, but we are staring at extraordinary ancient and working machines… Such an emotion to see how this old product comes to life. After seeing the final manufacturing step and having discovered the sensorial path with Alberto, we approach the refreshment area and have a good cup of coffee.

Even outside you can perceive how Pellegrini family are respecting their past. For example, on the outer wall of the building there is a wood slip way they used to load the packed products onto horse-drawn carts. This slip way is the most particular element of the mill. They might build with the mill and you can still see it now.

Note a visit to Molino Pellegrino in your to-do-list. Both the educational and the sensorial paths are fundamental to truly understand their hard work to produce a simple pack of flour.

We say goodbye to Alberto who gives us tasty “Groste di polenta” (polenta crusts), a wholesome and delicious snack. You know, when you cook polenta at home, the children rush to eat the polenta crusts picking them up from the pot, as we used to do when we were young. You can buy the “groste di polenta” at Molino Pellegrini to taste the same old crunchy and yummy snack!

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