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Shining stars and where to watch them at Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Have you already decided where to go and look at the falling stars? At Garda Trentino there are magical places where your dreams can fly high and come true. Don’t you think so?

Close your eyes for a while. Can you imagine something more romantic than a sky full of stars?

The sky has always fascinated adults and children and its symbolic meaning welcomes our dreams and hopes.

When we want to make a wish, we look at the sky and wait for a falling star.

Call it fate, destiny or magic… the stars has always inspired poets, storytellers and dreamers.

If, when you were a child, the telescope was your most favourite toys and if you want to spend a holiday looking at the blue sky full of stars, here are the best star-watching places at Garda Trentino. Book now your holiday in the Saint Lawrence Night!

  1. The park of Busatte-Tempesta. One of the most panoramic and beautiful courses of Trentino starts from a green meadow, a great point where to look at the falling stars (and the others too!). A comfortable parking, darkness, silence and peace. Et voilà, now your wishes can fly high!
  2. Monte Brione. The little “cap” of Lake Garda – for its oblique shape – is a great trekking experience but also a good place where to look at the stars! Unpolluted nature (it is a biotope), history (the strongholds of Monte Brione) and a breath-taking landscape, the stars will be the icing on the cake at your Saint Lawrence Night!
  3. In a mountain hut. Undoubtedly, the most magical night of the year will be much more exciting if spent in one of the mountain huts of Garda Trentino like San Pietro, Pernici, Damiano Chiesa. If you want to go there in another season, before leaving please check (link) if they are open and comfortably reachable.
  4. Shed of Santa Barbara. Please remember that, to get there at night, you need to wear your trekking garment and bring a headlamp and the proper equipment. During the course – your final destination can also be Bastione, another icon of Riva del Garda – you must face quite demanding slopes (500 metres of difference in height). You will take about one hour and a half to reach the top. Be careful when you come back. The landscape will amaze you – from there, the lights of Riva are so far and tiny. Above you, beautiful shining stars. Time to make a wish!
  5. Lake Tenno. A turquoise lake in the middle of the Mediterranean vegetation. If you want to stay there after dozens of dives into one of the cleanest lakes of Italy, this place is perfect to look at the stars! Lie your blanket on the grass, hold your telescope and watch the stars in the arms of your love. Nothing more than this.

At Garda Trentino it is full of magical places where to stay at watch the stars. Which one do you prefer? Want to share it with us?

Write your comments and, if you are able to take a pic to your falling star, post it and add our #gardatrentino.

If you are looking for some magic, Garda Trentino is the destination of your dreams. Come here and let your wishes fly to the sky!

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