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The birth of Teatro Civile*, Dino

by Redazione Garda Stories
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Drodesera theater festival was born in Dro in the 80s. The town inhabitants would host actors in their homes, giving them small places where they could play. One day I suggested Marco Paolini, an actor I had already worked with, to come here and work on a book on the Italian resistance during WWII: Piccoli Maesti by Luigi Meneghello. Instead, he told me that some days before he had been interviewed on the radio about a topic he was very interested about and wanted to work on: Vajont Dam. I answered that it was a great idea and he should come here to work on it.

We hosted him in this warehouse. He brought many books and other material – the web didn’t exist at that time. He invited some intellectuals to collect more information for his piece. They stayed here 3 weeks then the first version of the piece was ready.

The show took place here, between our house and the warehouse. We placed about 50 chairs and he played in front a small audience on two nights. The following year the piece gained popularity and, after a short time, it became a national talking point. Paolini became famous and the Vajont dam became once again part of the collective memory. What about the show? It laid the basis of the Italian Teatro Civile.

These words are by Dino Sommadossi, Dro’s public library manager. He’s also an active member of Drodesera theatre festival. Several years have gone by from the first festival editions. The festival has grown further over the years and its location was moved to the hydroelectric power plant in Fies. The plant, which is partially still functioning, has become a space for contemporary performing arts, indeed.
The Garda Trek ring, with Top and Medium trails, is very close to Dro and the Sarca Valley. The itinerary not only allows you to admire the most beautiful views of Garda Trentino, but also to discover its history and tradition.

Teatro Civile (NdT: Italian theater genre addressing significant political and social events in order to raise awareness of the audience)


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