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Wellness holidays in autumn at Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Do you think holidays are made to relax? Well, your destination is Garda Trentino. Discover why an autumn holiday here is what you are looking for!

Clean air, slow pace and a rich golden vegetation all around. This is the secret to a wellness holiday in autumn at Lake Garda Trentino. In this season you will find all the elements for a perfect break to regenerate body and spirit in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There is no better season to treat yourself to a holiday of pure relaxation and wellness than autumn. Before facing the General Winter, it will be wonderful to enjoy the last warm rays and mild temperatures to benefit your psychophysical health.

The first step to enjoy a relaxing holiday is to love yourself, to immerse yourself in the luxuriant nature far away from stress and pollution and let yourself some good time.

The French people call it “remise en forme” and this real “reawakening” for body and soul is a perfect mix of regenerating sweet laziness and energetic muscular awakening!


Wellness holidays in autumn at Garda Trentino Autumn Tips

A dynamic holiday is perfect to reconcile the desire for wellness with the taste of discovering a new place. From the simple and exciting urban trekking to the discovery of unexplored views of Garda Trentino to activities such as yoga and pilates or the relaxing SUP, that ispaddling on the lake standing on the board maybe before the waves of the lake ripple it). Autumn at Garda Tentino enables you to practice many outdoor activities with the still pleasant temperatures of this season.

The long beaches in the area are the ideal location to spend days in the open air meditating, breathing in the clean air and letting yourself be pampered by the beauty around you.

There are many facilities at Garda Trentino to combine comfort and the possibility to enjoy spaces dedicated to wellness. Wellness centres, swimming pools, massages, sauna cabins: how do you like to relax?

Wellness holidays in autumn at Garda Trentino Autumn Tips
wellness,benessere,Stefano Giogli

The physical activity is fundamental to awaken body and soul. At Garda Trentino there are many simple and undemanding walks to walk gently, perhaps along the lakeside promenade or you could experience more challenging slopes and routes. Feel the peace of a forest in autumn. The explosion of colours of this season – yellow, orange, fire red, gold – a palette worthy of a great painter, will make you feel happy!

Otherwise, if you prefer the two-wheels, how about a bike ride? Your body will get rid of toxins while enjoying the spectacle of nature.

By your mountain bike you could leave from Riva del Garda and reach the fairytale village of Canale di Tenno! Here, the peace reigns supreme and everything seems to be exactly as it was in the Middle Ages.

But for a more relaxing and less demanding activity you could choose to cycle with an e-mtb and enjoy the experience with a “little help”. There are many bike rental points both muscular and electric in Riva, Arco, Torbole. It’s up to you. Choose the bike you prefer for your regenerating ride.


Wellness holidays in autumn at Garda Trentino Autumn Tips

Fitness can also be found at the table, eating better and with healthy foods. At Garda Trentino there are many healthy foods such as the famous extra virgin olive oil, the light and tasty lake fish, yogurt, milk and dairy products produced in the many local mountain huts and farmhouses! In autumn you can taste the vegetables and fresh seasonal fruit as you can buy it directly from the producer for a sustainable holiday. Otherwise, try one of the many vegan- and vegeterian-friendly restaurants for gourmands.

The wonder of holidays during the golden season

Wellness holidays in autumn at Garda Trentino Autumn Tips
mountain bike,Ronny Kiaulehn

The perfect season for an authentic wellness holiday is autumn and the ideal place is Garda Trentino, which will lead you in an exciting rediscovery of yourself, the beauty that surrounds that will amaze you with enchanted views and unexplored landscapes. Here you can practise a natural colour therapy thanks to the foliage of its woods, admiring the succession of colours from th evergreen trees to the intense yellow-gold of nature. You can also do aromatherapy by walking in the woods.

Your well-being begins here. Savour the slow removal, be as fluid as the water of Lake Garda and as colourful as autumn. There is only one watchword: happiness.

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