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What to do when it rains at Lake Garda Trentino. Ideas for a wet day

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Grey sky, clouds and some drops of rain… it’s going to rain! Luckily we are at Garda Trentino, where even a rainy day means relax, fun and entertainment!

Oh, it’s time for me. I’m going to go on holidays. But when you park your car, the sky looks grey. No panic!

Lake Garda is even prettier when the weather is not that good. Wandering around, its wonderful colours and its breath-taking views becomes more emotional. Here, the rain is not a mood breaker.

Believe us. It’s plenty of activities when the weather is bad at Garda Trentino. Here is what you can you do in such days. Enjoy yourself in Riva del Garda, Arco, Torbole and Tenno!

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  • Riva del Garda. When the sun shines high the sky, Riva is prettier, but if the weather is bad you enjoy its monuments. An example? One of the medieval symbols of Riva del Garda is the museum MAG – the halls describe the ancient art, archaeology and history. If you are fond of art, visit the two Baroque churches of Inviolata and Santa Maria Assunta. Do you love animals? Go to Reptiland with your kids, the world of reptiles. Snakes, venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions and butterflies. If engineering amazes you, go and visit the hydroelectricity plant of Riva, built in the Twenties by the architects D’Annunzio and Giancarlo Maroni.
  • Arco. If the day is wet, a cup of coffee in a fascinating place is what you really need. The entrance to Casinò di Arco is worth a visit. Come and have a slice of cake and a coffee in this lavish palace. This Casino used to be the meeting point of the Middle-European aristocracy – the nobles loved to walk along the winter-promenade. You can feel like Sissi and Franz! Otherwise, you can find a shelter in the majestic and wonderful Collegiata church. Other ideas? If you love the made in Italy, go and visit the museum of coffee at Omkafé, the historical coffee roasting business, a real temple for coffee lovers. If you love the art, at Palazzo Panni you can visit several exhibitions such as Segantini’s, the great painter from Trentino. Sportaholic? Climbers can work you in the brand-new indoor climbing gym Arco Climbing, at the Primary School at via Donatori di Sangue. In Dro, a few kilometres from Arco, you can try the bouldering in a well-equipped facility built to let you practise this discipline 365 days a year!
  • Tenno. The medieval village of Canale has a lot of offer. The surrounding area is amazing, full of colours and history! When it rains, you can live the atmosphere of Bohemianism at the Artists’ House where a painter’s life is at your hand! 
  • SPA and beauty. Raining cats and dogs? Relax in a SPA at Garda Trentino? Massages, saunas, swimming pools and much more! Have you read about the SPA I visited last time? I also experienced the SPA at Hotel Lido Palace and at Garda Thermae
  • Food, I love it! Alright, it’s been raining for more than an hour. The best remedy is a glass of wine combined with some excellences to buy or to taste in a restaurant near the lake. 

Last but not least. Enjoy the rain! Its relaxing sound, its sweet fragrance that from the woods around Lake Garda embraces the towns and all the people around. Go to Torbole, for example – visit the wonderful Parish church Sant’Andrea in Nago, after visiting one of the temporary exhibitions at Forte Superiore. From both the points of Nago-Torbole, the view is amazing and you will fall in love with Garda Trentino and with the rain… even more!

If you want to stay outdoor, walk barefoot on the grass near the lake and let the drops of rain caress you. Stop and stare at the colours of nature, listen to the sound of the rain going directly into your heart.

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