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Gardastories – About

by Isabelle Yrma Pace

Garda Stories is here. But actually, what is it?

The question is to the point. Garda Stories is the official blog on Garda Trentino! It’s a project originated from the desire of communicating, narrating, describing and spreading the area of Garda Trentino. Not only through words and images, but mainly by emotions. A container where we could live the feelings we have experienced over and over again, feelings we have perceived across the alleys of this unique territory. A container where we could breath the air of an extraordinary Mediterranean climate in an alpine background and enjoy the wine and food delicacies this environment offers. We will go along with you to discover the reasons why around 800,000 tourists decide to spend their holidays in Garda Trentino each year.

If you have never been there, you will daydream with us. If you have already been there, we are sure you would like to experience it over and over again, and if you live there: you are really lucky!

And if it’s true that “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”, as Saint Augustine stated, in that case you don’t need to do anything else than traveling with us across this “virtual” space. You will find a lot of passion in it, for sure.

Welcome to Garda Stories, where Garda Trentino has its voice, hearth and above all,


The Staff.