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Alto Garda and its weather forecast

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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in the last few years, the weather forecast has become more and more essential to organise and live a holiday at its best, but in Garda Trentino every day is well spent!

Sun, clear blue sky. Slightly ruffled by the Ora wind, Lake Garda Trentino seems even more blue.

Yep, who wouldn’t live some wonderful sunny days on the lake shore? Well, you wouldn’t believe it, Garda Trentino can fill your eyes and heart even during a storm!

Rain, snow, sun. How much influence has the weather been gaining in these last years? The weather forecast has undoubtedly improved and become more precise and detailed.

Hand in hand with its improvement, it has also caught on a lot, but not always with high quality. Nowadays, a lot of automatic weather forecast is available, offering a service which is often misleading; due to the absence of a “human” weatherman, it is often even wrong, because many factors necessary to realise some good forecast can only come from the human experience.

If this fact is already true for those areas where weather forecast turns out to be pretty “easy”, it’s rather clear that it is even more relevant for more complex and tourism-related areas such as Lake Garda, and more specifically its northern tip.

The automatic forecast and the several apps often get wrong, because they can’t know all the weather and morphological distinctive traits of Lake Garda.

Moreover, as already stated, the forecast produced by the softwares always assumes the computer-based weather forecast to be well-founded, and directly produce their own forecast.

The problem is that the different forecast (about temperature, rain, etc), produced by a specific computer, not rarely works worse with an hypothetical weather situation Y than with another situation X, and viceversa for another computer.

A software only knows these traits partially. Instead, thanks to its experience, a weatherman perfectly knows which one is better in a specific situation, and when to use a forecast rather than the other when writing the daily weather. If you rather want to check the weather by yourself, you can choose to visit the webpage of our webcam!

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Our suggestion is always to turn to “local” weather forecast as garda-meteo, a prestigious and reliable source! The local forecast is carried out by local people who know the area pretty well and are aware of how it changes according to the different weather conditions, rather than sterile apps or automatic forecast on Italian and foreign websites.

And even if a local forecast can “misfire” and clouds appear, don’t worry: you could go for a tour to the MAG or to the Varone waterfall (you couldn’t be any wetter!) or to an ice-cream parlour, why not! After all, you could always blame the bad weather for this little innocent overindulgence!

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