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Take-Away Breakfast for a Good Morning wherever You Want in Garda Trentino

by Redazione Garda Stories
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What could be better than starting the day by pampering your palate and your eyes? Choose your delicious and warm brioche in one of the best pastry shops in Garda Trentino and then enjoy it wherever you want for a perfect start to the day!

Pastries, brioches, doughnuts, tarts. The intoxicating scent of butter and vanilla that pervades the streets of the city in the early morning together with the aroma of coffee. Is there anything more enjoyable than a delicious breakfast?

Maybe yes, enjoy it in the place you love most!

Breakfast has more taste if it is consumed in a place which is close to your heart and, in an area like Garda Trentino, there are many breath-taking views and charming corners! We bet you won’t find it hard to show us your ideal location to bite into an irresistible early morning brioche?

On the other hand, here there are many very high quality artisan pastry workshops..

When the weather is fine, a (petit) déjeuner sur l’herbe in Garda Trentino is the best you can have and choosing (moreover, not very tiring) your favourite pastry will “force” you to try more and more brioches while waiting for your favourite one.

Starting from Riva del Garda, a pastry shop that we would like to recommend, a stone’s throw from the splendid Church of the Inviolata, is Piccolo Fiore. Its cakes are a must and the brioches are also delicious. Its highlight? The brioche with ricotta! Also in Riva, go to Viale dei Tigli, a splendid tree-lined street. Here you will find the Pasticceria Pellegrini pastry shop where you can discover fresh croissants and also excellent coffees.

In the centre, on the other hand, if you are passing through the Piazza Erbe area with its splendid fountain, in Via Florida you will find the Bar Pasticceria Dolci Momenti. The Cheesecake is delicious, but the soft croissants will also make you start the day in the best possible way!

And for a super soft brioche, large and full of pastry cream or jam, in Riva there is also Non Solo Pane! (Not Only Bread!) Maurizio really tempts your palate and his brioches are much loved by the Rivans. Two of his goodies? Roses, delicious exquisitely buttery brioches that draw inspiration from the famous “rose cake” and for those who love fried food, mini doughnuts with chocolate, pastry cream or jam (not licking your fingers is practically impossible).

Moving to nearby Arco in search of delicious brioches or pastries to be consumed in a place close to your heart in complete tranquillity and in harmony with the surrounding nature, in the splendid Habsburg town, you cannot miss a trip to the Pasticceria Tre Rose pastry shop. A scent of vanilla and butter floods the whole street and, upon entering, the counter offers a wide choice of brioches, doughnuts, tarts and … whatever goodies you want to indulge in!

If you are looking for places of the soul to enjoy your breakfast outdoors, you should know that in Arco it will be very beautiful with blankets and towels, indulging in a delicious break along the River Sarca! Or, if you want a panoramic view, you could take a nice walk among the centuries-old olive trees that lead to the castle and you could bite into your brioche while admiring the whole “busa” from the top of the La Lizza meadow.

For lovers of “mignon” in Arco there is the Pasticceria Cristini pastry shop. Here the scent is entrancing. The brioches? Small ones for small sins of gluttony or even “normal size” for those with a sweet tooth. Wholemeal, with pastry cream, with jam. A pleasure. And for petit fours, indulge yourself in a wide variety of choices, after all, they are so small (the excuse is perfect!).

Also in Arco, take a trip to Panperfocaccia where the undisputed king is bread, wholemeal and cereals, but also the desserts are incredible. You could take advantage of it for a savoury en plein air breakfast by combining Luca and Marisa’s fragrant bread with DOC Trentino salami and finally a wonderful brioche.

And last but not least, also in Arco take advantage of a nice walk along Sarca to stop at the Forno dei Sapori where you will find special baked goods. An example? Bread with cocoa beans, a healthier variant of brioches and less sugary or even wholemeal and vegan croissants without hydrogenated fats. Health and delicacy in one bite.

In Torbole sul Garda, those with food allergies and vegans will find some de-li-cious vegan pastries at the Bar Alpi Bistrot! Cupcakes (also gluten-free) and very fresh and delicious vegan brioches of two types: with orange marmalade or with forest fruit jam.

Do you want to eat a brioche facing the lake on a Torbolana bench? A dream already in the early morning!

Finally, if you are in Dro, do not miss the opportunity to taste the brioches of the Pasticceria Bertamini pastry shop “Alla Piazza”, as the name implies, in the central square of the town.

Once you have chosen your favourite, fragrant and very fresh brioche, it’s time to head to a place close to your heart and bite into the brioche! In Dro, a very interesting location is the Roman bridge of Ceniga. Here the River Sarca passes under an ancient and mighty bridge and the flow of the river is really very “Zen”.

And you? Where do you love to have breakfast in the open air? Do you have a favourite place here in Garda Trentino?

“The morning has gold in its mouth” says an ancient proverb, but if in addition to precious nuggets, we also had a delicious brioche, it wouldn’t be bad, would it?

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