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Top 5 aperitif bars in Riva del Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Here you have a not-to-be-missed top 5 list with 5 special locations where sipping a drink in the magic setting of Riva del Garda

If I say aperitif, what will you answer?

That appetizing and tasty moment before dinner, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic (I’ll go for the first, thanks!), fruity or bitter, in a tavern or in a trendy bar, has become a synonym for fun, glee and relaxation over the last few years. Whenever you’d like to taste your drink, the watchword is: happiness! Happiness to gather around a table for a nice sharing moment, teasing and drink all together!

And what if, more than sipping some excellent drinks and tasting some amuse-bouche, you got together in one of the most amazing places all over the world, like Riva del Garda on Lake Garda Trentino? 

It’s an experience you must live! We are waiting for you, but in the meanwhile let’s have a look at this top 5 list of bars in Riva del Garda that will definitely make you scream: “Another one, please!”

  1. Riva Bar. Only a few steps from the lake and downtown as well. The location? Young, cool and trendy. Some good music and excellent cocktails. My habit? Asking for a tailor-made drink just for me according to my tastes (not that simple!) The result? Always top-notch! And the handsome polite bartenders serve us the drinks with a bright smile and perfect professionalism bringing us into a fashionable and high-quality atmosphere. Nice is also the back outdoor space for the summer, with a view on… the rails! When there was a railway station in Riva del Garda, recalling a chunk of history sipping a cocktail!

  2. Ponale Alto. Outdoor sports and aperitifs. What a duo! The Ponale is one of the world’s most famous hiking paths. The Belvedere Ponale Alto is undoubtedly the best break you could turn up to after a very panoramic ascent, between sweat and wonder (for the astonishing view!) Here, you will sip a spritz admiring the Ponale waterfall and the lake with its colours and… you’ll think to be in heaven!

  3. Bastione. The aperitif with the most glamorous view of Lake Garda! We take a seat at our table in the Bastione Lounge and Restaurant to enjoy an aperitif while pink and gold mix as in a painter’s palette and the fresh air gently caresses the skin. Here we enjoy a cocktail that is a bit the soul of the place and the backbone of the Drink List or the Riva-Torino cocktail (Ri.To.), also prepared with Altolago, a vermouth distilled by Marzadro, and accompanied by a top-level seafood crudité. A sensory experience which, combined with the lift, leaves you truly enchanted.

  4. Sailing Bar. The summer emblem. Located in San Nicolò small harbour, this boat-shaped red-coloured bar represents the ideal relaxing break directly on the lake and equipped with a big handy car park. Once a week it gets crowded with youngsters listening to night concerts, drinking some spritz, hugo and loads of gin tonic (their highlight!). Listening to the sound of the boats with their tinkling, brushed by the wind (it blows rather strong there!) and drinking some good cocktails… what else?

  5. Molo44 Lounge Bar and Bistrot. This new outdoor area of the Du Lac et Du Park Grand Resort in Riva del Garda designed by the architect Alberto Cecchetto has resulted in a new wonderful place where having your aperitif in Garda Trentino. Lots of greenery and classy tables, in perfect harmony with the territory. A trendy aperitif, elegant but surrounded by the lush nature of the amazing hotel garden. A place where you would like to be back even only for the tasty finger food served with the aperitifs! Top!

These are the five places I have thought about to create my top 5 list. And you? Do you have any other suggestions?

I’m ready to find out many more of them together with you!

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