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Impavida – Chronicles of a “fearless” beer made in Garda Trentino

by Redazione Garda Stories
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A name that leaves no room for interpretation. Impavida is the craft beer produced in Garda Trentino that knows how to be daring. Let’s find out why.

Only a brave, fearless project could have been created in a territory that is  naturally suited for outdoorand adrenalin-fueled sports, like Garda Trentino is

And that is precisely where a craft brewery, with the name Impavida (“fearless” in Italian), came to be. A brewery that brings together an American style, in terms of malt drinks, with the experience of talented individuals, such: master brewer Matteo, brewer Maicol, creative bartender Anja and, above all, two women, two friends: Raimonda Dushku and Serena Crosina ,who is originally from Arco, right where Impavida started its story.

A “daring” brewery, also in its green choices

Impavida is for passionate people from passionate people. Not only does Impavida  embody a “female” soul, but it is also green. And you can tell this by the decision it reached in adopting (recyclable) cans instead of glass and also sustainable energy produced exclusively from renewable sources and solar panels, while the water it employs in irrigation comes from a nearby artesian well and, once used, it is entirely reintroduced in nature. 

What’s more, the same malt used to produce Impavida beer comes from GMO free crops, and the brewer’s yeast is recycled from the brewing process. 

More than a brewery. A welcoming place that makes conviviality a lifestyle. 

When at Impavida, you definitely feel welcomed. Its industrial chic style makes you really feel at home, while it also imparts the value of the craftsmanship that sustains the project it stemmed from. 

“Fearless” beers

After a short tour to discover the brewery’s production processes, we moved on to the most awaited moment: tastings. At a beautiful wooden counter, Matteo, the master brewer at Impavida, offered us several craft beers. The cans they come in are nothing short of captivating. Colorful and original, these beers are inviting, right from the start. 

We began with a round-flavored Italian Pilsner named after a well-known wind in Garda Trentino: the Peler

We then moved on tothe Free Solo. A Session Ale made with a new generation hopping method. Gentle but decisive. 

The third beer we tasted was the Chain Breaker. Thename already suggests what this beer intends to do: break the mold. An India Pale Ale, it is characterized by a blend of classic and modern American hops. 

We continued with the Moxie. Its recipe is inspired by the classics of the Craft Beer Revolution, with a hopping process that combines modern Apas and old-school pale ales. Definitely a bold beer!

We ended our tastings with Vivienne, and apackaging that does not deceive. A Scottish look expresses the character of this beer very well. With its almost reddish amber color, it encloses a bouquet of aromas that range from caramel to dried fruit, as well as an inviting scent of cookies. Truly punk!

And want to know a plus? Impavida ships all its beers in refrigerated containers, so the right temperature is always guaranteed.

So, as we wait for the summer to be hosted by Bob (no, not an American friend, but the fun barbecue corner set up outside the warehouse that promises happy moments of conviviality), we’ll have to unite a trip towards discovering a fearless territory like Garda Trentino, home of the outdoors –  always on the search for a sense of freedom that is also so dear to Americans – with  a visit tothe Impavida brewery. After all, this is where the bold and fearless can always feel at home. 


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