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Take your time: holidays to the rhythm of the little, real pleasures of life

by Redazione Garda Stories
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The slow passage of time, the immersion in nature and its lilting rhythm, enjoying the holiday hour after hour, minute after minute. It is time to return to the most genuine and authentic happiness, even the slightly retro one: it is time to live a holiday at Tenno, in Garda Trentino.

The holiday is not a destination to be reached but an experience to be lived, a memory to be kept and brought home in your suitcase. This is how a destination like Tenno in Garda Trentino should be experienced. The blue waters of its incredible lake, so unique in their almost unreal shade of colour, the fairy-tale medieval village of Canale, just a few minutes’ walk in the woods from the lake’s beaches, voted among the most beautiful villages in Italy, the emotion to live this destination not as a place to be reached, but as a real experience to be shared with those who accompany us on this journey.

What’s more beautiful than combining your holiday with respect for the environment and the slow discovery of the territory? This is what you can experience during a slow holiday in Garda Trentino to discover its most beautiful areas to be covered on foot or by bicycle.

Walking and cycling in the midst of nature to discover ancient woods and villages suspended in time, are synonymous with slow and eco-sustainable tourism, walking on the paths that smell of Mediterranean scrub and discovering new small realities perhaps while riding on two wheels to help you find the contact with nature and admire picturesque places from another point of view.

Between activities kissed by the sun and rest in the shade of a majestic tree, the holiday will never have seemed so slow and full of awareness.

The panorama is like a postcard: not surprisingly, Tenno and its blue-turquoise lake is among the most instagrammed locations by millions of users! And between one social click and another, there is time for many outdoor activities: from those to be done in the family like a nice pedal boat ride circumnavigating the whole lake (it has an area of 0.22 km²) to going in a canoe with your son in tow, from a paddle in a SUP (Stand Up Paddle board, one of the most relaxing activities to do on Lake Tenno) to a nice swim in its cool waters.


A typical day could start just like this: a backpack, a swimsuit on hand and hiking shoes. After spending a pleasant day on the beach enjoying the many water activities, the afternoon is dedicated to history, its uncontested charm, its ability to make us relive timeless emotions. And the village of Canale is actually timeless: it is connected with the beach by a nice walk of just half an hour. To welcome you, there is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Its vaults, its stones, its roofs. Here everything speaks of a past that lives on in every corner. Even on the plates! In fact in Tenno it is impossible not to taste a culinary tradition that has lived for centuries: the carne salada. Prepared according to an ancient recipe handed down over the centuries, this delight is a real must for those who stop here to enjoy a gastronomic break. And as an aperitif? We have tried the Malghito! In an alcohol free version or in an alcoholic version, this delicious drink is made with red fruit juice (black cherry, strawberry, black currant, dogwood and black grapes) and you can enjoy it as a prelude to a nice Tennese-style dinner.

A tour around the cobblestone lanes of Canale, a visit to the Casa degli Artisti (a precious exhibition and reception space dedicated to artists even before art), a view from above of the blue lake and in one’s heart, all the excitement of having savoured in a single day, the authentic, slightly lost flavour of happiness.


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