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Catamaran Experience. The adrenaline and joy of living at Sailing Du Lac!

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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A sunny day, a gentle and regular breeze, the “Pelèr” that gradually leaves the place to the “Ora”, an expert guide’s smile and incredible talent et voilà: a day at Garda Trentino turns into pure joy thanks to the catamaran experience. We tried it for you.

“Pure joy”. This is what we can say about our experience in the catamaran of Sailing Du Lac!

Lake Garda Trentino is the perfect place by excellence to go sailing, windsurfing and to practise all the other water sports thanks to the constant southerly wind that begins to blow after the Peler, from about midday to late afternoon. These climate conditions enable to speed on the catamaran, the sailboat or windsurf every day and for many hours a day. At Garda Trentino it is full of sailing schools that, like the Sailing Du Lac, organize courses for different levels, from beginners to experts.

At Sailing Du Lac you can try the Joy Ride – two hours on the Topcats, to enjoy the wind and waves of the lake. This experience – we tried it for you – is something more: it is a way to live an emotion, a practical and not theoretical one, a little full immersion in the wonderful world of sailing you can book here.

Pure joy and pure fun in this enchanting place at Lake Garda, where they organize the most important international championships every year. Here, where nature gives its best: water, sun and wind in the magical scenery of lake and mountain. So alluring!

We got to Sailing Du Lac of Riva del Garda at 15:30. Luca welcomed us and told us about his cooperation with Marco Segnana, about his thirty-year experience and how he and the numerous partners of Sailing Du Lac manage to make this activity successful. The school SURF SEGNANA TORBOLE – where you can also try the surf, sail, kite, kayak and many others – and the PIER WINDSURF SCHOOL – where you can go windsurfing and try the kite – are part of the same group. In these schools, you can feel a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. They are professional and competent, so the beginners can have a sailing or a catamaran trip, too.

There were a lot of young people hanging out at Sailing with the wetsuit on, or the SUP boards in their hands. They looked frenzy, ready to leave for a new adventure. We were the same!

Luca introduced our guide, Martin, an Italian-German, friendly boy that could easily drive the catamaran.

Time to go. We took our shoes off, wore the life jacket and, as happy as children in an amusement park, we began our adventure. Luca followed us on a rubber boat and I previously had asked him to take some pictures to us with my camera. The sun was shining; the wind caressed our faces and the mountain were the perfect frame for our adventure. Freedom. Pure joy overwhelmed us. Martin explained us the basic rules. First, you must respect a code in the water, such as the right of way as if you were driving a car.

Then, pay attention to the language. Sailors use a specific vocabulary: rotating, capsizing, gybing, hauling, etc.

We discovered the existence of the jibes, that you need to move windward and that the catamaran is, although it does not seem, a very stable means of transport, perfect for some quiet trips.

On board, we headed from Riva to Torbole then rotated southwards – the catamaran bends on one side and it really looks like flying! After about two thrilling and adrenaline hours, we headed back to the Sailing Du Lac.

A catamaran experience is a real emotion. At Garda Trentino, you must try it! It leaves you with a childlike happiness and carelessness and the eyes full of beauty. One ride is not enough. Believe us, after the first you will look forward to come back for a holiday at Garda Trentino with the wind behind the sails!

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