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Beach life at Lake Garda Trentino: Beach emotions!

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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In summer, the beach life at Lake Garda Trentino is marked by the rhythm of water sports, sunbathing and the unique panorama that blends the blue of the lake with high and green mountains. Sky and earth, water and wind, sun and lots of fun: this is the life on the beach at Garda Trentino.

“Beach life.” Even the thought of living it brings joy, well-being, joy!

Sunbathing comfortably lying down, reading a good book perhaps under the umbrella caressed by the Òra (the wind of Lake Garda), practicing activities for real sports like windsurfing or less demanding as sup. Whatever your favourite occupation, the beach life in summer (but also in spring in places like Garda Trentino) is synonymous with happiness!


Paraphrasing an old Italian song, beach life is often linked to the sea. Anyway, what will amaze you about Lake Garda is its extreme resemblance to the latter (it is the largest lake in Italy) but with peculiarities all of its own that make it unique. Starting from the frame: a Mediterranean landscape in an alpine context, with mountains but scents of lemon and Mediterranean scrub.

This uniqueness is not the only characteristic of this fairy-tale place. Another is the variety of its beaches.


Garda Trentino boasts enchanting and kilometric free beaches, with many services.

The beaches of Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda, Arco and also those of the emerald Lake Tenno (a few kilometers from Riva) are perfect for sunbathing, relaxing in the shade (there are beautiful trees and various refreshment points where you can enjoy cocktails on the beach) and do sports. Thanks to the availability of showers, toilets, deckchairs and sunbeds, you can enjoy a whole day on the beach without needing anything else.

In the water you can cool off and maybe read a book on the new pier. The temperatures of the lake are always pleasant (never fall below 8 degrees even in winter) reaching in summer reach over 22 degrees! Every day, the lifeguards every day – during the period of presence of “spiagge sicure” – write the temperature of the water on the sides of their lookout post so it will be easy for you to “check” in advance the temperature of the water in view of a nice bath. A nice swim in the lake is always a good idea in summer. Swimming enthusiasts will discover crystal-clear waters where they can swim just like the sea. It is good to remember, however, that Lake Garda lives depending on the time of day more or less intense movements (due to the winds) and, in summer, between many bathers and many boats, it is appropriate for your safety, swim along the shore and, if you go away, take with you the buoy signs float.


Both adults and children can bathe in peace: during the summer months, in fact, on the beaches of Riva del Garda and Torbole there is a surveillance and rescue service on land and in the water. Moreover, contrary to what you might think, the bottom of Lake Garda is also perfect for children as it is very safe: the depth in fact is reached step by step gently, without sudden “dives” (it is just the case to say) in the void.

And for the disabled, there are many services available at the Sabbioni beach in Riva del Garda: from the brand-new wheelchairs that allow you to enter the water, to specific sunbeds to ensure that even those with reduced mobility can enjoy the beach life.


By bike, on foot, with children in a stroller or with your beloved and faithful dog you can take the lakeside promenade from Torbole to Riva del Garda, or the bike path to Arco, and stop on a bench along the way, perhaps taking a picture at sunset.

Eat a good homemade ice cream or sip an Italian spritz while the sky is tinged with orange shades with the evocative light of twilight will make even more magical the end of a long day on the beach on Lake Garda. What beach emotions!

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