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By Canoe on Lake Garda: a Wonderful Experience for Everyone

by Redazione Garda Stories
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Paddling while admiring the beauty around you. There are many places to go canoeing but one above all, Lake Garda Trentino, it will remain in your heart forever.

Canoeing and kayaking are among the perfect ways to explore nature for young and old. A sport, paddling on the surface of the water, truly for everyone, which, especially in magical moments of the day, such as sunrise or sunset, offer really strong emotions.

The calm waters of Lake Garda (before they ripple thanks to the Ora, the famous wind from the north) are ideal for feeling an integral part of the landscape, at one with it, while admiring the surrounding beauty. Explore it calmly, breathe deeply and let yourself go. Whatever your destination, you have already arrived.

For active travellers, a canoe excursion is the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Alto Garda, this atypical fjord blessed with a Mediterranean climate.

So how can one have a canoeing experience on Garda Trentino?

It’s very simple, just do what we did: rent the right equipment (we relied on Surf Segnana di Torbole) and go looking for unforgettable views of nature.

We arrive in Torbole sul Garda early in the morning to enjoy a sunny but not too hot day. Luca, whom we had already met on this occasion, and Osvaldo welcome us. After a nice chat and some valuable advice, we decide to rent a double canoe and “set sail” (a slightly pretentious term!) towards the beach of the lizards.

It was Luca himself who recommended this route, much loved by canoeists as it allows you to paddle south towards the horizon. Towards that deep “V” that encloses the lake and that delimits it. The unobtrusive wind that accompanies us is a very pleasant Peler (north wind). The sun is our companion on this adventure and the surrounding mountains embrace us making us feel really tiny from here.

By Canoe on Lake Garda: a Wonderful Experience for Everyone Outdoor

If you think that canoeing is a sport for the “not so young”, we can tell you right away that you are wrong. Paddling is a great activity for the arms and you feel really invigorated afterwards.

Shortly after heading towards the “beach of the lizards”, we find the bridge at the “mouth of the Sarca”. Here, the waters of the river converge with those of the lake, creating fun water games like whirlpools. The temperatures also “mix” causing cooler currents.

By Canoe on Lake Garda: a Wonderful Experience for Everyone Outdoor

2 kilometres from Torbole we reach the “beach of the lizards”. In the distance we can already see the “Corno di Bò” cliff, one of the most popular with free-climbing enthusiasts.

We take the opportunity to land at the beach, leave the paddle, canoe and life jacket (always recommended) and take a nice regenerating bath!

By Canoe on Lake Garda: a Wonderful Experience for Everyone Outdoor

The waters, very limpid and crystal clear, make you want to dive right in! And, from the shore, watching the intrepid climbers scaling the vertical wall leaves you speechless, as does the sharp contrast between the white rocks of this cliff and the transparent waters of Lake Garda.

But let’s get back to reality: it’s time to paddle towards Torbole. The return trip also offers truly unforgettable views: the very conformation of the north side of the lake leaves you speechless. The mountains become taller and taller, Monte Brione seems to be waiting for us and “bowing” and from afar the colourful Torbole is truly like a postcard.

By Canoe on Lake Garda: a Wonderful Experience for Everyone Outdoor

We reach Surf Segnana making our way through the many windsurf sails: beginners and champions all on a board, all waiting for the perfect wind that here, in Garda Trentino, does not take long, it is always on time for the appointment most awaited by sailing fans.

We leave the equipment and get dressed. The most beautiful sensations we carry with us are: a strong sense of freedom, the certainty of being an integral part of nature, of observing it “from within” in all its majesty and the belief that with the canoe it is not a farewell but an au revoir until the next paddle, until the next Garda Trentino emotion.

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