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Lake Garda in winter. Three (good) reasons for a holiday in the cold season

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Winter is… holidays on Lake Garda Trentino!

If you think you have read it wrong, you are mistaken. The northernmost side of the largest lake in Italy with its centuries-old olive trees, its high and imposing mountains, its never too cold temperatures, its many winter events, make the coldest season of the year a special moment to enjoy it in all its peculiarities.

Of course, if you decide to visit it before Christmas, you cannot help but immerse yourself in the magical Christmas atmosphere!

In Garda Trentino this period transforms the area into a small open-air crib! Sparkling lights, markets with characteristic stalls, the scent of cinnamon, chestnuts and spicy biscuits. Then local crafts and ancient trades.

Anyway, the whole winter season here is worth a visit.

Are you still sceptical? We give you three (very good) reasons to love one of the most magical places in the world even in winter!

Lake Garda Trentino… all for you!

Lake Garda in winter. Three (good) reasons for a holiday in the cold season Outdoor Winter

The things to do in Lake Garda Trentino in winter are not limited to Christmas time! A holiday here in the cold months allows you a luxury that you will hardly experience in summer: you will have it all for yourself! The less crowded places have a different taste and charm. The mild temperatures, which are always pleasant even during General Winter, allow you to practice almost all outdoor sports without fear of frost.

With the right equipment and clothing, there will be no problem to discover on a sunny day (maybe by mountain bike) the famous Road of Ponale (pay attention to the closure, however, always check the actual opening of the path in the period in which you intend to face it) and admire the breathtaking view. Or maybe face the long steps of the panoramic Busatte-Tempesta trekking route without fearing the fatigue! The Low and Medium loops of Garda Trek are ideal in winter for those who love walking trails and itineraries that last several days (in any case, always check first to see if there is snow on them, not only for the top loop or the highest crown of the Garda Trek project).

Regenerate your body with the beauty of nature

Outdoor activities in winter are good for your health! Of course, if you want to tackle cycling or trekking routes without worrying, you need to choose places like Garda Trentino for your holiday, which, thanks to the Mediterranean climate, allow outdoor excursions in any month of the year.

The importance of being outdoor increases in winter, when the hours of natural light decrease and the time spent indoors increases. You should therefore take advantage of a holiday to spend time outdoors, enjoy the sun and fresh air as much as possible, and “recharge your batteries”. The silence and peace of this season are priceless. It is often underestimated, but listening to yourself and being enchanted by nature is the best holiday concept you can imagine.

Fiery sunsets and landscapes that only winter can offer.

Lake Garda in winter. Three (good) reasons for a holiday in the cold season Outdoor Winter

Of course, summer in Garda Trentino is wonderful. An aperitif or a good ice cream sitting on a bench watching the sun kiss the mountains and disappear behind them, is priceless. Yet the cold season will give you sunsets that summer can only dream of! The sky turns fiery red, with deep orange and sometimes pink brushstrokes and the mountains and lake waters become one with it. The air is clean, the fog here in Garda Trentino is almost non-existent. Whether it is in the morning when the sun peeps out shining the lake with its rays of light, or in the evening when a dense starry sky appears, winter like no other season, Garda Trentino offers breath-taking landscapes to photograph and post on Instagram. Or simply to observe.

Admire the beauty around us and enjoy a holiday that even in a season seemingly unsuitable to visit Garda Trentino as winter, will give you much more than a reason to return and discover the emotions to be experienced in all other months of the year!

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