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Enjoying sport in winter on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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In winter, Garda Trentino gives its visitors more than a reason to be discovered, experienced and loved!

Garda Trentino isn’t only about wide relaxing beaches to enjoy and crystal clear waters where chilling out during summer months. Ever thought about that? In winter, the lake has a great fascination and here, on a sun-kissed ground, it is possible to practice those sports that are not a prerogative of good season and seem to be highly satisfying precisely during the winter months. Would you bet?


Have you ever tried to walk on… one of scenic paths around Garda Trentino? Ponale (The famous Ponale path will be closed for maintenance work from January 10th to early March – see here) , Busatte-Tempesta, San Pietro! Many fabulous paths to enjoy while hiking in the open air. With the right equipment (multiple layers of comfortable clothes) these places grow in an indescribable beauty in winter. You don’t suffer from summer heat, the sun doesn’t beat down and you don’t risk giving up on the route because you are running out of breath.

Enjoying sport in winter on Lake Garda Trentino Most Popular Articles Outdoor Winter


And exactly the same sensation of a greater energy is possible to be perceived also by running lakefront! No crowds nor risks of zigzagging among the tourists, and a panorama all for you!

The absolute silence of a beach afternoon, a fire red sunset mirrored on the white stones and the green peaks, creating a blaze of colour! Such clean water that seems to be rarified. This and other indescribable sensations are worth the cold weather that you can contend with practicing sports in winter in the open air!


And if you are a bike lover, don’t you think during the winter months your bike should be stored in the basement, do you? The trails for frosted mountain-bikes or racing bikes look like a postcard. Your breath creates smoky curlicues, the bitter cold on your skin gives you goosebumps. Strong sensations for real bike lovers!


And for water lovers, Lake Garda Trentino is worth visiting also… upside down! Did you know it? This one is exactly the best season for scuba diving! More specifically, from January to March the water visibility reaches its highest point and equipped with watertight diving suit, regulator and mask it is possible to enjoy the enchanted landscape of submerged Lake Garda and of lake species that show all their beauties, aided by the bed stillness!

And if you are keen on snow, what about a snowshoeing around Ledro Valley? Even during the night, in the moonlight!

You couch potatoes, no more excuses! The outdoor sports are waiting for you also in the winter months, at the outside you could have a leg to stand on and get warm with an invigorating mulled wine!

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