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Emtb adventure. An autumn-flavoured e-bike tour

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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The Emtb Adventure – three days dedicated to the emtb - has just finished. This event confirmed that the e-bikes represent the current and future trends and that are the best way to discover Garda Trentino, as Luca from Life in Travel said!

The Emtb Adventure, the three-day event dedicated to the e-mtb, was amazing. From the e-mountain bike, we could admire the beauties of this place and those memories will last forever. Luca of Life in Travel, who tried one of the guided tours of the event, confirmed how marvellous it is to discover Garda Trentino and its delicious products on an emtb.

The autumn is the best season to visit Garda Trentino and to explore it on a bike, no matter if standard or electric. This place seems to be made for the bikes and the EMTB Adventure confirmed it. You can cover the routes we did during this event all year round thanks to the mild climate of Garda Trentino. You just need to be fit enough and to ask a guide to ride with you. And, if you do not have your emtb, you can rent it one there.

Discover, taste, ride” is the motto of the event. It says the truth!

Luca told us about his tour:

“Any tour included an easy or a more demanding route. I did the easier one, the Tour Valle del Sarca, and on Saturday morning I took part to this year’s news, the educational event by the Emtb Adventure School with Stefan Schlie”.

Luca chose the easy route, but the difference between the two was relative.

“Easy or difficult mean nothing. By comparing the two routes, the difficult tour had more hills and downhills and you needed to know how to ride a mountain bike well as they rode on dirt roads. Anyway, any route had its demanding stretches”.

Luca’s group was multicultural, with Italian and international people. They left from Piazzetta Lietzmann in Torbole and got to Cantina Pisoni in Pergolese. The route was thrilling: it covered the cycle lane along the river Sarca than continued along Valle Sarca.

The route showed the amber-coloured nuances of autumn. Luca and the others were astonished.

In the stunning wine cellar Pisoni, the group tasted great wines, 0km products and had a good time before riding back to Torbole.

As Luca sad, this year’s news was the daily training with Stefan Schlie, enthusiast German trial world vice-champion, that proposed a theoretical and a practical part, both very interesting. He gave an overview on the e-bike world that, in Luca’s opinion, represent the future of cycling because, thanks to their technology, anyone can ride, aware of all the risks and critical sides of such a sport, and enjoy landscapes and natural superb views. Here, at Garda Trentino, this is what you can do every day on your (e)mountain bike!

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