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Cantina Pisoni, in the green of the vineyards close to Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Between the blue Lake Garda and the green grapevines, in the superb Valle dei Laghi, there is Cantina Pisoni. Since 1852, this history of passion, efforts and satisfactions made in Trentino is the house of priceless wines and even a line of cosmetics!

The processing of grapes into wine is possible by means of healthy vines, proper weather conditions, knowledges and a lot of passion.

Various elements that need a solid basic condition – a rural soul. This soul lies in a cellar close to the pristine blue of Lake Garda TrentinoCantina Pisoni, since 1852.

Passion and love for this land in Trentino

We visited this place made of the historical love for vine and territory. Their watchwords? Respect for nature and its life cycle, care for the product and curiosity.

Stefano welcomed us. He was sweaty because of the wonderful sunny day spent harvesting grapes. He led us to the cellar where he told us about the history and vision of Cantina Pisoni. Marco and Stefano Pisoni are cousins and every day dedicate their time to work the land with respect, dedication and enthusiasm. They heartily welcome many tourists and wine lovers, who come and visit Cantina Pisoni and taste their red and white wine or their inventions like Reboro and the classic and prestigious Vino Santo, the family’s spearhead.

A daily work marked by the rural life slow rhythm. Their challenge? A respectful farming and technological organic ways of farming to produce all-natural wines.

In the cellar through ancient barrels and valuable bottles

We visited the ancient part of the cellar, the one that smells of history and moves in the profound. It speaks of two brothers – Stefano’s and Marco’s fathers – who loved to take care of grapevines. Despite the World War, they managed to give life to a place of total connection with nature but also a place where tradition and innovation could meet amongst the old oak barrels dated back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire placed in the old cellar. Nowadays, nothing has changed except for the second ageing cellar where Vino Santo Trentino and Reboro ripen.

Vino Santo, a tradition of Trentino, a tradition of Pisoni

We visited the grapes that are ageing on the “arèle” to become Vino Santo Trentino DOC, a Slow Food Presidia. Stefano explained they produce this wine with selected Nosiola grapes, a native vine variety – in this area of Trentino, Nosiola has its perfect habitat –, and thanks to the producers’ talent, it becomes the very soft vino santo with its great and unique balance different aromas.

Torre Aquila, the cycle of months

Always under evolution, Stefano and Marco. Ideas, enthusiasm, and love for their job. They mix everything up to plan ambitious projects like a fully natural grapevine – not treated with chemicals –, nothing but the perfect reproduction of the cycle of months of Torre Aquila, a rare example of Gothic painting representing the grape harvest in a sunny day, the grape crushing and the preparation of the wort that lasted the entire month of October. In the valleys of Trentino, once feuds of the customer of the fresco the prince-bishop George von Liechtenstein, during the grape harvest people were happy to share their time. The same is at Cantina Pisoni! These rows loaded with super sweet, sugary and fully natural grapes highlighted by the light-blue sky are marvellous! (We confess, we tasted some grape picking it from the plant!).

Tasting and pleasant discoveries

The key part of the day was the tasting. Stories, smiles, history and emotions… then wine! We opted for a glass of Reboro. This project was born by some local winemakers, who were already friends and working together. Reboro is obtained by organic Rebo grapes they get to dry until November on the “arele”, the tools they use to produce Vino Santo Trentino D.O.C.. Reboro ages in the oak barrels for three years – this is what makes them tasteful and well-structured.

While sipping it, a little stand attracted our attention.Well, Cantina Pisoni launched Ampelié: fully natural silicone- and parabens-free skincare creams and serum. Healthy, pure, rich in lipids and red wine and organic grapes polyphenols resulting in an incredibly efficient mix to tackle the free radicals.

Cantina Pisoni, in the green of the vineyards close to Lake Garda Trentino Autumn Tips

A beautiful end of the day at Cantina Pisoni, we dare say. Close to Lake Garda Trentino, with fragrances in our mouth and real and genuine emotions in our heart. This is how Stefano, Marco and the Pisoni’s team use to welcoming all visitors.

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