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Carne salada, a typical dish of Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Raw or cooked, the carne salada is the undisputed queen of the Altogarda tables; characterised by a distinctive taste and quality, this food is the base of lots of recipes with pairings that can be original or traditional, as beans. Let's discover where to eat it all together!

The carne salada is a typical dish of Lake Garda Trentino. The recipe is easy and genuine with only a few ingredients: first-choice rump beef, salt, bay leaves, juniper berries, garlic, pepper and a pinch of rosemary! Its history is age-old, and it owes its birth to the fact that at that time it was necessary to preserve the meat for long periods: that’s the reason why one of the tastiest dishes you could ever savour in Garda Trentino was born.

Carne salada: raw or cooked?

The carne salada is ideal to be tasted both raw and cooked. The raw version establishes that it should be served as carpaccio, with a bit of Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil (distinctively tasting!) and some Parmesan shavings, nothing more than that! The cooked version provides for a slightly thicker cut and a traditional pairing: fasòi, i.e. the beans, with a slice of bread, as our grandmothers taught us!

Carne salada, a typical dish of Lake Garda Trentino Food and wine Most Popular Articles  Carne salada, a typical dish of Lake Garda Trentino Food and wine Most Popular Articles

The restaurants where to eat the Carne Salada in Garda Trentino

Lake Garda Trentino offers several restaurants where having a yummy meal and tasting some scrumptious, genuine and original carne salada, most of the times homemade.

Varone, Cologna and Tenno are the main villages: here you will find the typical restaurants where the carne salada will inevitably pop out from the menu.

Here you have some restaurants where this dish is the undisputed queen of the tables:

Let’s move:

  • Ristorante Bar Castello, Castello di Tenno.
    A cosy restaurant where it is possible to taste an excellent dish of carne salada e fasoi, enjoying a breathtaking panoramic view in the old hamlet of Tenno.
  • Trattoria Piè di Castello.
    Historical restaurant (dating back to the late 19th century), folksy and friendly, located in the medieval hamlet of Cologna di Tenno.
  • Ristorante Antica Croce.
    Their motto is slow emotions. How contradicting them? Here you will taste a dish of carne salada, prepared with the help of a recipe passed down by 4 generations.
  • Ristorante Bar Foci Da Rita.
    Situated close to the wonderful waterfalls of Varone, it offers traditional Trentino dishes, the carne salada being the most important one, needless to say!
  • Ristorante Acetaia del Balsamico Trentino.
    A very panoramic spot on the slopes of Cologna di Tenno, here you could find a handmade production of Trentino balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, wine, cheese and, obviously, the homemade carne salada, prepared following a recipe passed down since 1767.
  • Trattoria Belvedere.
    In the old hamlet of Varignano, a community in Arco, this restaurant offers the most typical and genuine traditional recipes, as homemade carne salada, cereal soups and knoedeln!

These are my favourite restaurants where eating the carne salada, but you have also other opportunities to taste it in other restaurants all over Garda Trentino that participate in the Vacanze con Gusto project.

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