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Waiting for Garda con Gusto 2021: the Salotto Carne Salada De.Co. of the Osteria La Torre

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The old traditions of the past come back to life in an old tavern in the Ledro Valley which has brought to the forefront, in the Garda with Gusto - Gourmet Experience, the carne salada in a delicious raviolo. Let's enjoy the memory of the 2019 event together, while we wait for the 2021 one.

Let’s leaf through the album of memories together and relive intense emotions. Which? Those linked to the palate, taste, the unmistakable aromas of a territory, Garda Trentino, which also offers its visitors a delicious opportunity. That of being known also because of its food and wine specialties.

This is what happens during a food event with a high level of gluttony: Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience.

Three intense days in which to discover the excellence of this strip of the Mediterranean offered in a gourmet key also thanks to the intense and careful work of very talented chefs who make their profession a real lifestyle.

The passion that distinguishes these imaginative and creative chefs is the key to understanding their ability to interpret the excellence of the territory which leads to their creating small chests of goodness. As demonstrated by the chef Enrico Demadonna, the manager of an old tavern, La Torre, in Pieve di Ledro.

Osteria La Torre – tradition, selected raw materials at 0 km

Waiting for Garda con Gusto 2021: the Salotto Carne Salada De.Co. of the Osteria La Torre Food and wine

The Osteria La Torre is a charming restaurant located in the beautiful historic centre of Pieve di Ledro. The restaurant is characterized by two particular rooms both with barrel vaults, one of which has a ceiling made of “exposed stones”.

Precisely this “old-time” aspect is the characteristic that we find in chef Demadonna’s dishes as well as in the delicious first course presented at the Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience:

ravioli vino & caprino or ravioli stuffed with carne salada and radicchio sautéed with Teroldego wine on fresh goat cream. An explosion of Alto Garda raw materials enclosed in these ravioli which contain a great protagonist of Garda con Gusto: the carne salada De.Co.
The production of the latter for chef Demadonna’s recipe, is entrusted to the butcher’s shop macelleria Cis della Valle di Ledro, which has always been careful about quality raw materials and the centuries-old tradition that preserves a dish like this, which, for some years now, has also been awarded the denomination De .Co. or denomination of municipal origin.

But how did the idea for this dish originate?

Waiting for Garda con Gusto 2021: the Salotto Carne Salada De.Co. of the Osteria La Torre Food and wine

We asked chef Demadonna himself.

“We really liked the idea of combining several typical products, from the Cis butcher’s carne salada to the “Millenario” extra virgin olive oil from Maso Botes to the wine of which I am extremely fond.
The desire was to present the carne salada, which is one of the protagonists of Garda con Gusto, in a simple and genuine preparation such as fresh pasta (which is also one of our strong points in the restaurant where we offer homemade pasta in any format) together with seasonal elements such as radicchio (seasonality is the basis of our philosophy) cooked in a reduction of Teroldego wine. The final dressing of the raviolo was a very delicate and fresh goat cheese sauce ”.

The enological match for this invigorating first course was a red wine, Busat Rosso from the farm Azienda Agricola Comai in Riva del Garda. This wine, whose name already evokes territoriality, was produced with the intention of creating a wine representative of the territory. Merlot, Rebo and Cabernet Sauvignon give this red wine fruity notes making it a juicy, savoury and highly drinkable wine.

If you are nostalgic for Garda con Gusto, at the Osteria La Torre, you will find on the menu yet another gourmet proposal or the “Cis” burger: a sesame sandwich stuffed with a carne salada hamburger, cardoncelli mushrooms, an avocado mayonnaise and seasonal vegetables.
And, we are sure, there are also many seasonal and 0 km raw materials, such as broccoli from Torbole, another great passion of the chef of the Osteria La Torre.

All that remains is to wait for next year’s Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience and, in the meantime, use your creativity to imagine what combinations, audacious or traditional, these great chefs have in store for us.

On the other hand, as José Manuel Fajardo said: “The best success in the kitchen is being able to fill the stomach with the imagination”.


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