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Waiting for Garda con Gusto 2021: the Salotto Carne Salada De.Co. of La Casina di Drena

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Garda con Gusto- Gourmet Experience, the most anticipated mouth-watering event of the year, will return in 2021 but, how about waiting for it together, retracing the gourmet proposal of the Salotto dedicated to Carne Salada by the young chef Giada Miori?

The delicacies and food and wine excellences of Garda Trentino meet every year on the occasion of the gourmet event which has rightfully entered the Olympus of the most sought-after food experiences: Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience.

This year, however, as we had anticipated here, the event will not be held, which is why we wanted to dedicate a whole month to taste and we want to remember Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience step-by-step together with you and the chefs who contributed to making these unmissable three days great.

Today it’s the turn of the Ristorante La Casina di Drena, in the upper Garda Trentino, and its Salotto della Carne Salada De.Co.

The Salada De.Co. meat tradition, quality, uniqueness

The carne salada is the first typical dish to boast the De.co, the supra-municipal designation of origin of the Municipalities of Alto Garda and Ledro. A designation aimed at enhancing and safeguarding a typical artisan production of excellence.

The carne salada De.co is obtained according to traditional preservation techniques, starting from the cut of the meat or the leg of beef, which derive from the typical usage of the peasant world which envisaged, for the parts that were not consumed immediately, conservation according to salting and smoking techniques.

The Salotto dedicated to the carne salada of Chef Giada Miori

Waiting for Garda con Gusto 2021: the Salotto Carne Salada De.Co. of La Casina di Drena Food and wine

The restaurant “La Casina” in Drena has paid homage to this typical dish by preparing a menu created by their family chef: Giada Miori. Who is this young cook? A stubborn 30-year-old girl, in love with cooking. She began her adventure in the kitchen in 2009 in the family restaurant located in the village of Drena in the upper Garda Trentino.
Of herself she says:
“Everything I transmit in my idea of cooking is the result of self-taught work, thanks to the passion for the Trentino area and its traditions that inspired me to create seasonal dishes that I make using genuine products from small farms, at 0 km, with which we work.
In my kitchen, Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil, honey, lake fish, porcini mushrooms, of course chestnuts from Drena, small fruits and, the queen of Garda Trentino: carne salada can never be missing. accompanied by the wonderful vegetables from Mamma Marinella’s garden”.

Her cuisine is a hymn to the simple and traditional taste of the past, the one that creates emotions and memories, enhancing the palate in full respect of local raw materials but with the desire to present them in a modern key.
“In addition to the food proposals, we try to enhance everything with a wine list characterized by the most excellent Trentino representatives”.

The gourmet proposal of Giada in Garda con Gusto:

Waiting for Garda con Gusto 2021: the Salotto Carne Salada De.Co. of La Casina di Drena Food and wine

Three proposals from each salon, Giada amazed us with three interpretations of the carne salada De.Co.
Above all, what is particular and very spectacular is her “Sphere of carne salada stuffed with goat’s cheese and chestnuts from Drena, on warm pumpkin gazpacho, shortbread with molche, Grana Trentino and extra virgin olive oil Madonna delle Vittorie”.

Here the mix is an exaltation of raw materials from Garda Trentino. The carne salada, usually served with beans, is heightened here by the flavour of the goat cheese and the Drena chestnuts, with their sweetness, caress the palate. The crunchiness is entrusted to the shortbread biscuit with molche, another great Altogarda-healthy protagonist and, to close, a little “Madonna delle Vittorie” extra virgin olive oil, which gives that unmistakable scent and that bit of bitterness that contrasts well with the sweetness of the pumpkin and the chestnuts.

In this perfect balance of flavours, aromas, textures and colours, the carne salada can be said to be the protagonist together with this promising young chef who we will find in the Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience 2021! Who knows what it will have in store for us. All that remains is to give make an appointment to meet at the sixth edition of the most anticipated food event of the year.


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