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A week end in Garda Trentino: what you absolutely must not miss

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A hit-and-run holiday? Don’t worry, the most beautiful places on Lake Garda Trentino are all within easy reach of each other permitting you to enjoy a weekend full of wonders.

A weekend of authentic experiences, three days in which to discover with all the wonder of a child nature in all its strength, real traditions, genuine culinary dishes and fine wines, relaxing baths at the lake, cycling tours or long paths kissed by the sun to live step by step.
“Only” three days but your whole life to appreciate the memory.

A weekend on Lake Garda Trentino is a total immersion in multiple worlds, unique microcosms that coexist in the perfection of nature which has been very generous here.

A mild climate with “Nordic” elegance, a fjord-like aspect with the intense scents of the Mediterranean scrub, sunny days many months a year to be enjoyed among mountain paths. Vivid, strong contrasts which enliven a holiday within a holiday. Here there are many experiences to savour and, even if a weekend will never be enough to discover the whole territory, it will certainly make you want to come back. Would you like to bet on it?

Many worlds in a few kilometres.

The interesting feature of this area is linked to the fact that moving around to visit famous towns such as Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda and Arco takes only … a few minutes! In fact, these beautiful places are all close to each other. An example? Riva del Garda and Torbole sul Garda are just 4 kilometres away, which you can travel by renting a bike, on foot or by public transport.

Discover the Habsburg Arco.

In a weekend in Garda Trentino you just can’t miss this wonderful town. Central European charm, the scent of olive trees and cliffs to be climbed! Arco is famous for climbing. In fact, ordinary enthusiasts and great champions come from all over the world to try this adrenaline sport! Natural cliffs always maintained, exposed to the sun or more shaded (perfect for summer): you will love climbing here in complete safety! The top places to visit in Arco? Of course its fairytale medieval castle, but also the elegant Casino, the Archducal park and the eighteenth-century buildings. You will fall in love with it.

A week end in Garda Trentino: what you absolutely must not miss Tips
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Overlooking the pearl of the lake: Riva del Garda.

In whatever season you plan to treat yourself to a weekend, Riva knows how to surprise you. Small fairytale views to be captured with your smartphone, panoramic views and monuments to visit such as the Bastione, a fortress embedded among the rocks of Mount Rocchetta (from this summer it can be reached with a special lift), the Apponale Tower, the splendid Hydroelectric Power Station, a majestic and elegant architectural masterpiece by Maroni, but also the beautiful elegant buildings and small squares full of history such as the Moroccan square in the homonymous and picturesque quarter. In Riva del Garda it is impossible not to enjoy a ferry ride, a bicycle ride, perhaps on the panoramic Ponale Path or in the middle of the woods, immersed in the liveliest nature. Your holiday here can be relaxing or incredibly active! It’s up to you to choose.

A week end in Garda Trentino: what you absolutely must not miss Tips
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A colourful weekend in the picturesque Torbole sul Garda.

A fairytale atmosphere, many vivid colours and a nature to be enjoyed step by step. Starting from the latter, in a weekend in Torbole you absolutely cannot miss discovering places full of history such as the Marmitte dei Giganti (or glacial wells formed millions of years ago thanks to the erosion of the stone) and a little further up, in Nago, the ruins of Castel Penede.

All Torbole sul Garda exudes the retro atmosphere that was so dear to the poet Goethe and that today as then, makes every glimpse thrilling. It is impossible not to follow the panoramic Busatte-Tempesta path with its steps overlooking the lake or simply enjoy a strictly home-made ice cream on a bench facing the lake, in front of the colourful marina. A dinner here and there is instant magic.

From lakefront walks to those in the midst of olive groves, from mountain bike rides on steep climbs to inland castles such as Drena, to medieval villages such as Canale di Tenno and its “lost time” (and don’t miss the nearby lake of Tenno, famous for its emerald colour!). Whether the reason for your weekend is a romantic getaway or a gastronomic weekend in search of genuine delicacies, Garda Trentino will know how to pamper you and welcome you in the best possible way.

A getaway in Garda Trentino: it’s time to experience great emotions

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