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Follow the Rhythm of Nature in Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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A slow and eco-friendly holiday, slow walks while aware of the surrounding beauty, outdoor sports without frenzy: it's time to follow the rhythm of nature in a land suspended between water and mountains like Garda Trentino.

Step by step, look after look, nature envelops us like a comforting embrace. It’s time to follow the rhythm of nature and be reborn with it! And what better occasion to bloom like a rose if not a holiday in Garda Trentino? This is the destination which, thanks to the way it is organized and the services it offers, manages to transform a simple holiday into a green experience capable of welcoming new eco travellers.

The “eco” traveller finds his ideal destination in Garda Trentino

By all means, call yourselves “ecotourists” if it is uncontaminated nature, a postcard landscape and the possibility of long walks savouring the beauty around you with all your senses, which trigger your unrestrainable desire to set off on holiday.

If you love to be surprised at every glimpse, if you are still moved by a sunrise or sunset overlooking the lake, this destination will explain the meaning of the word “travel”.

The many outdoor sports to enjoy while admiring the beauty around you

A “slow” holiday in Garda Trentino begins with a simple walk. Perhaps immersed in the silence of an extensive area covered with olive trees. In Arco, a splendid Habsburg-style town, there is a simple route immersed in olive groves, suitable for everyone, with beautiful views of its medieval castle and the whole of Garda Trentino.

Follow the Rhythm of Nature in Garda Trentino Tips
@Fabio Staropoli

Or on the lakefront, starting from Riva del Garda, you could follow the entire cycle and pedestrian path that leads up to Torbole sul Garda, experiencing the emotion of the Garda wind (the Ora) step by step, as it gently caresses your skin, while the sun’s rays begin to tan you.

A holiday following the rhythm of nature allows you to enjoy with great intimacy and privacy a territory like Garda Trentino perfectly suited to the outdoor life.

Paddling on the SUP or in a canoe, not too demanding trekking immersed in the woods (so many paths that wind from the urban centres directly to the woods close to them), a bicycle ride on a cycle path or lightly with an e-mtb . Without effort, without any concerns, without any hustle and bustle. Immersed in the peace and tranquility of nature and its simple and slow rhythms.

Follow the Rhythm of Nature in Garda Trentino Tips
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A slow holiday also at the table

You will find the wild nature of this corner of paradise at the table, in the wholesome taste of the 0 km products that characterize Garda Trentino. From the most northern DOP ( protected designation of origin) extra virgin olive oil in the world, to the Dro DOP plums, from the countless wines to the prestigious Vino Santo and the broccoli from Torbole sul Garda, both of which are Slow Food Presidia. From the polenta ground in local mills, to lake fish bred right here or caught directly in the crystal clear waters of the lake. And this is how lunches and dinners (or cheerful outdoor brunches) become the ideal opportunity to discover excellent local products and ancient culinary traditions that are still alive today.

Follow the Rhythm of Nature in Garda Trentino Tips

Intimate and welcoming accommodation for everyone

Garda Trentino welcomes its visitors and does it in the best way not only during the day but also at night. There is a wide choice and there are many accommodations that adopt low environmental-impact standards and services. Here you will find small structures such as B & Bs, agritourisms or small hotels, often family-run where you can have breakfast in the morning with hot bread, milk, fresh eggs and lots of seasonal fruit. All strictly from organic farms and 0-km crops

A holiday following the rhythm of nature starts from the curiosity of every traveller to see the most remote and hidden corners of a territory, to savour them slowly by deeply breathing in the surrounding living nature.

Because the eco holiday in Garda Trentino is a real lifestyle, it is an immersion with all the senses in this place, savouring it. It means abandoning the daily routine and rediscovering yourself in a territory that offers everything you could wish for: privacy, protection, a lush and slightly wild nature, but also many services tailored for an outdoor life without dangers

Your only concern will be to breathe in slowly the clean and healthy air and be enchanted by the eternal beauty of nature in Garda Trentino.

Walking in the Nature of Garda Trentino

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