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Slow Travel. Enjoy your holiday

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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A slow holiday lets you enjoy any single moment, day by day, step by step. To give a look to what is around you. This is the philosophy of the Slow Travel! Garda Trentino is the best place ever for it.

A real philosophy of life: to give yourself all the time you need to enjoy every single moment of your holiday. This is the Slow Travel, or “slow journey“, and it is getting more and more in vogue.

This way of living a territory allows a better quality of the tourist experience and a total and stress-free immersion of the traveller in the local culture of the territory, choosing respect as a form of approach.

Respect for traditions but also and above all for the environment and the ecosystem.

Slow Tourism. A way of traveling that enhances the value of the country visited in a sustainable way and allows visitors to enjoy a holiday in which nature marks the rhythm of the days, thanks to a series of services created ad hoc on the concept of Slow Travel! Leave your car, use the public transport available and feel “like a local”.

Garda Trentino is one of the most beautiful corners of Europe and the ideal place to live a “slow travel”. Here, you can do many “idle” things! On the other hand, in a world that runs frantically, the real luxury is to take time. Also to… get bored, to look lazily at a fabulous panorama, to have the ability to still marvel at the beauty of nature.

Go trekking in the middle of a high altitude forest or walk along the lakeside at the bottom of the valley. Ride your mountain bike uphill towards a mountain hut or along one of the many cycle paths by a city bike. Enjoy the lake villages you visit thanks to the urban trekking or choose to visit them on a sailing boat (here it is forbidden to use private motor boats). Whatever the experience, at Garda Trentino you will feel the extraordinary freedom of the Slow Travel.

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Even the food and wine sphere can be “hit” by the “slow” experience. Here you will find a strong link with the territory, typical products, organic and unique in its kind. Taste the broccoli that exists only here, the broccoli of Torbole, the extra virgin olive oil unique in its kind, the northernmost oil in the world (over the 46th parallel), salted meat (produced with an ancient recipe handed down over the centuries), fruit and fish from the lake, honey and cheese. At Garda Trentino the slow experience means to discover these 0km excellences and to enjoy slowly, bite after bite, in an old tavern or in a nice restaurant overlooking the lake.

But the slowest experience that you can do here is to move only by public transport, bicycles or shuttle services.


Like Rivetta, for example, the free shuttle bus that will let you discover the beauties of Riva del Garda without the stress of the car, a green&cheap way to move in summer between the village and the beaches.

Or the Dolomiti Garda Express that will allow you a wonderful experience from Garda Trentino to the majestic Dolomiti del Brenta for a real slow and sustainable tourism. And while on the bus? Nothing better than reading a good book or having a good chat.

If you love to travel on two wheels or by foot, the Bicibus+Trek will allow mountain bikers and hikers to visit more distant places and explore wider routes with connections to Comano Terme, Valle di Ledro, Val Rendena and Andalo/Paganella.

A perfect blend of bike, trekking and shuttle bus created according to the needs of travellers and of all those who choose to relax to get the pleasure of the slow and conscious discovery of the beauty around him.

For an easy and carefree journey, the Trentino Guest Card will allow you to enter – for free or at a discounted rate – the main museums, castles and natural parks and to freely use public transport.

Slow Travel at Garda Trentino is an invitation for travellers to really enjoy the territory they are discovering, to live a sustainable and responsible tourism, to discover the places in full respect of them, to know them, live them, taste them and – at the same time – to remember them for a long time.

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